Tom's Glasgow Mag #15

Cute Dogs and Skincare. Happy Days.

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Opening Remarks

Hello and welcome! I hope you’re doing great.

I went for a haircut after work on Thursday, and as I walked past St Enoch Centre, I noticed a Christmassy pop-up stall selling Polish sausage! I couldn’t believe my eyes. It seemed weird how central and accessible it was. As a Pole, I have to say that I think our PR has significantly improved in recent years. What do you think?

Also, I am glad to say I have lots of new content to write about in the upcoming months. This weekend, I encourage you to read a wee bit about natural, cruelty-free skincare and a highly recommended, beloved dog trainer. I mean, what else would you rather read about? I’m a Celebrity? Please…

Happy reading!


Ermana is an Award-Winning, Natural Skincare Brand from Glasgow

Source: Claire

Many of the items we use could easily be substituted with products offered by smaller, local businesses. If we can afford it, buying locally is the way to go. As often happens, big international companies tend to compromise on quality due to large-scale industrial operations and mass production. Skincare is definitely an industry that exploded in the last ten years. The phrase skincare routine has 260 million results on Google. That’s way more than the phrase vanilla ice cream. Can you believe it?

Ermana is a cruelty-free, natural skincare brand based in Glasgow. Claire, the brand’s founder and owner, blends all the products by hand using natural plant oils, butters, waxes and essential oils. “All the products are water-free, meaning that they’re packed full of natural vitamins, minerals and essential fatty acids to nourish and hydrate the skin,” Claire told me. “I make oil cleansers, face and body oils, balms, as well as a sugar-based vitamin C exfoliator and clay mask. I also make natural deodorants, however, my main focus is the facial care products.”

Source: Claire

Ermana’s range is really impressive. There are oils and balms for eczema, lip balms, men’s products, candles, rose water mists, body oils, and even a tone muscle balm. Such dedication to growing a cohesive brand doesn’t just come out of nowhere. I was curious to find out how it all started.

“After years of suffering with sensitive skin, I decided to make my own products so I would know exactly what I was putting on my skin,” Claire explained. “I then used to gift friends and family my products for birthdays and Christmas. My sister had always encouraged me to set up my own business and for my birthday she bought me a necklace saying hermana amar, which means loving sister, in Spanish. I named the brand Ermana as a tribute to her.”

Claire’s business has been going strong for over eight years, with many customers constantly coming back for more and staying loyal to the brand. As the general public becomes increasingly aware of toxic substances present in mass-produced cosmetics, artisanal brands like Ermana will only grow stronger. CLICK HERE to visit the official website.

“She Understands Dogs And Clearly Loves Them to Bits”

Source: Colette

Are you looking for a dog trainer? Colette from Hunter’s Happy Hounds has a perfect five-star rating and lots of loving reviews. She is fully qualified and accredited by the Institute of Modern Dog Trainers.

Colette runs classes in the Giffnock URC on Monday and Wednesday evenings. From tiny puppies all the way to advanced training, Colette is here to help. She also covers the Southside and beyond with her individual training sessions.

“My training sessions are designed to be friendly and fun, utilising only ethical, positive reinforcement training methods,” Colette told me. “Classes focus on building a strong bond between you and your dog as well as learning tricks and behaviours that will help you navigate real-life situations with your dog without a worry.”

Colette passionately believes that learning should be enjoyable for both dogs and their owners, therefore all sessions are catered to the individual. Even in a group setting, she can tailor activities to suit each dog and its handler. The classes are designed to be engaging and interactive, incorporating various games and activities to keep everyone entertained.

Colette's business has wonderful reviews online. “Colette is just lovely and so encouraging. She clearly adores all of the dogs. My puppy’s confidence increased hugely over those weeks and this was definitely helped by attending these classes. Book up - you won’t regret it,” wrote Lynsey. “She just understands dogs and clearly loves them all to bits,” shared Heather.

If you're looking for a dog trainer who runs both 121 sessions and classes that are ethical, friendly, and fun, follow Hunters Happy Hounds on Facebook or Instagram. Alternatively, please contact Colette Campbell on 07910933813 for more information.

The song of the issue is A Case of You (2000 Version) by Joni Mitchell

In 1971, Canadian singer-songwriter Joni Mitchell released A Case of You. This heartwarming love ballad is one of her masterpieces. Though the original version is quite minimalistic in terms of instrumentation, the singer re-recorded the song for her 2000 album Both Sides Now, which included her own versions of jazz classics such as At Last or You've Changed, as well as a couple of her own songs, re-arranged. With her voice lower and the instrumentation much more lush, Joni achieved a beautiful result. For me, nothing says late autumn quite like this album.

That’s it for today, folks! See you in two weeks’ time.

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