Tom's Glasgow Mag #11

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Opening Remarks

Hello and welcome! I hope you’re doing great.

This weekend’s newsletter will be different. I’ve got some things to announce. After 10 issues, my process will have to change a wee bit. That’s for two reasons.

Firstly, my circumstances have changed. When I started this newsletter, I was a student in my final year of uni, looking for a project I could dedicate myself to between freelance writing assignments. Now, with a full-time job in a creative field, I do not have as much time to browse through social media in search of interesting events, small businesses or groups. The core of my process was using the free time I had during the week to prepare my newsletters for Saturday morning. That is no longer possible with me working Monday to Friday.

Secondly, Summer is now over. It’s done, definitely. And I’m not only mentioning it for sentimental reasons (I’m sure many of you have noticed that Summer is my favourite season). With more cold rain outside our windows and lower temperatures approaching, people aren’t out and about as much. It means no more outdoor events, generally speaking. That removes a considerable chunk of potential content. I visited all the local, area-specific Glasgow groups I usually read on Facebook, and there wasn’t anything community-focused that I thought would make an interesting read or had an “angle”.

Luckily, I’ve been getting emails and messages from some of you, kindly asking to be featured in this newsletter. I still have time to write it. I just don’t have as much time for research and I don’t feel comfortable recommending things I know nothing about. I like to do a bit of digging - read online reviews, check out the social channels or ask a few questions to the person behind the initiative. Sometimes it takes them a while to get back to me. They’re running businesses after all.

That’s why I am going to need more of your help and contribution moving forward. Please find more detailed information below.

Small Business Owners

The core of my newsletter will always be independent business owners. No matter how small your business is, I am happy to write about it! All I ask is for the business in question to be Glasgow-based, including the surrounding areas. Before writing a short piece for my newsletter, I always ask a few questions, usually over the phone or email. That allows me to learn more about what you do, your passion for that particular field and a bit about your backstory if it’s relevant to the piece. Even if you’ve been operating for less than a month or only have a social media page, I would encourage you to get in touch. Please let your family and pals know!

Event Organisers

If you’re organising an event (ideally free to attend) or simply know of anything interesting, please do not hesitate to send me a wee email or message. It could be anything from indoor markets to cultural events, such as plays or concerts. Do you work for a local council or community hub/club? Would you like to reach more people? Feel free to get in touch. Since the beginning of May, I’ve written about events such as Helensburgh’s Street Food Sunday, Susan Sims’ play In the Scheme of Things, a photography exhibition at Pollok House, the Glasgow Vintage Vehicle Trust’s Family Fun Day and many more.

Interesting Stories and Anecdotes

The newsletter has been running since May and I want to introduce new forms of content. After living in Glasgow for over 6 years, I know how interesting, moving and valuable people’s personal stories or anecdotes can be. Whether you’re 19 or 99 years old, I would like to hear from you if you’d like your story to be told. Ideally, I’d like such stories to be rooted in Glaswegian culture and spirit. I especially encourage people of older generations to get in touch. Please note I might not accept every story submitted and that the stories selected might be edited for flow and clarity.

Guest Writers

I’ve been asked about this before and I think now is the right time to introduce this new and exciting aspect. If you enjoy writing and have something (respectful) to communicate, like a mini essay or a letter, please consider submitting it to me over email. Exactly like with personal stories and anecdotes, I cannot guarantee that every submission will be published. Word count: 200-500 words. Accepted submissions will be compensated with a symbolic fee of £10. These stories might go through an editing process.

To submit content ideas, please contact me by sending an email to [email protected] or replying to this email.

The song of the issue is From The Start by Laufey.

This Icelandic singer-songwriter is currently being credited with revitalising jazz. Allegedly, the jazz genre is so unpopular among young artists that Spotify literally has to come up with fictional artists (with songs executed by hired freelancers) to include on its jazz playlists. Laufey is here to save the day. A friend from work made me aware of her and I’m totally in love. Check her out.