Tom’s Glasgow Mag #3

Dying for a fruit pastille

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Opening Remarks

Hiya! It’s hot, hot, hot. When I wrote in the first newsletter that the taps aff weather will come soon, I didn’t think so soon! I’m actually having a vodka soda right now. I’ve made myself this drink out of vodka, sparkling water, lemon and super thin slices of cucumber. That’s because I saw this article lately, where they said that the more transparent and colour-free you drink is, the milder your hangover will be. So, ultimately, vodka is the best alcoholic beverage to drink? Despite being the strongest? Who would have thought.

Anyway, the newsletter will be fairly short today, as I’m going on holiday this weekend. Also, after introducing two charity hubs in a row in previous issues, I thought I’d mix it up a wee bit today. Even heroes need a break!

Happy reading!


Sparks Film School Glasgow South

Source: Facebook

Do you have a young Spielberg or Gerwig growing up in your family? Sparks Film School is launching in the Southside of Glasgow! It’s intended for kids aged 5-18 and will start with summer camps taking place in June and August.

If there is a young one in your household who might be interested, Audra from the Glasgow school will be present at the Pollok House Market tomorrow (Sunday) from 10 AM until 4 PM. It‘s a great opportunity to ask questions, see some impressive kit 🎥 and mess around in front of the green screen. Audra did specify that the weather must be good in order for this to happen, but I don’t think we have to worry about rain this weekend.

Even if you’re not interested in the film school, the Market on Sunday is worth checking out, especially during this gorgeous weather. There will be food, baked goodies, skincare, soaps, jewellery, clothes, perfume, plants, and many more! The place is child, dog, wheelchair and pushchair friendly. Also, who doesn’t like chilling in front of a huge country house on a sunny day?! The folks behind the market call the house Scotland‘s answer to Downton Abbey.

Baillieston Is Getting Its Community Space

Source: My phone on the way back from Lidl

My very own area of Baillieston is getting a community hub. The project is rumoured to have been in the works for 10 years. This impressive complex will be located in James Lindsay Memorial Park, right opposite the entrance to the big Morrisons.

Some of the facilities will include a library (much needed as there isn’t a proper place to work around Baillieston), soft play area, gym, birthday party room (can I use it?), community meeting room, a multi-functional space with a stage, and many more. There will also be outdoor facilities, such as a football pitch or parking space.

I think it’s a wonderful idea. The Baillieston Main Street is charming but lacks many places important to a modern community. I’m sure the people of Broomhouse will be even more delighted. Our East End is a gem and I’m glad that local people will finally get a chance to socialise properly without having to go to the Fort or town.

The song of the issue is You’ve Got a Friend by Carole King

Carole King’s ultimate friendship anthem is something I’d like to share with you on this hot, late Spring day. Spring and Summer are the seasons meant for romance and friendship. It’s easier to meet up, no need to book restaurants or go indoors… I’m sure some of you have to go to sleep when it’s still bright outside, and then get up with the sky being just as bright as the evening before. That makes it seem like the day is never-ending. But summer nights are also worth it . ☀️

That’s it for today, folks! Have a nice weekend! 🌸

All the best,