Tom's Glasgow Mag #5

Graduation Day

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Opening Remarks

Hello and welcome! Hope you’re doing great. Today is a special day. It’s my university’s graduation weekend. As you’re reading this, I’m probably trying to tie a tie or find my seat at the Concert Hall. I have been studying Media and Communication for the last five years. That might not seem like a lot to some people but I feel like Elton John at the end of his farewell tour.

As always, I have some lovely stories for you. I’m buzzing to introduce you to Sandra, who started her own upholstery business, which took a lot of effort and determination. I have also gathered some local announcements and a bit of history for you.

Happy reading!


Rhapsody Upholstery And the Importance of Following Your Dreams

Source: @rhapsody_upholstery on Instagram

Sandra was one of those kids who lived for beautiful things. After being denied a creative career early on in life, she tried a few different paths, such as administration or languages. Her passion for creativity, however, remained just as strong as when she was a wee girl drawing dresses.

After working abroad for a few years, she returned to Scotland and decided that something had to change. “What truly makes my soul sing is creating, working with my hands and adding beauty to everyday life”, Sandra told me. “I stumbled upon an upholstery class in Stirling. It resonated. I tried it. I fell in love.”

But this new venture was as challenging as it was rewarding. The fees, transport, tools, fabrics… Dedicating herself to upholstery meant thousands of pounds in costs, working multiple jobs and constant training. “This change of career is the most difficult thing I have ever put myself through”, said Sandra when describing her upholstery beginnings. “I just keep reminding myself that at this stage, there is nothing more to lose.”

Source: @rhapsody_upholstery on Instagram

Recently, Sandra has invested in business cards, flyers and a sign for her car. She is determined and ready to take on commissions. Building a waiting list is important to her, so she can finally say goodbye to jobs unrelated to upholstery.

“I am most proud of my skills in traditional upholstery, which is for chairs made before the 1950s. Such chairs often contain springs and hair stuffing. It’s real art to be able to sculpt a seat pad with hair”, said Sandra, after I asked her what service is her favourite. “I am always happy to share pictures of the step by step process with my clients, as well as recommend different fabrics and fibres”, she added.

“I hope to honour tradition. I would also love to create small themes or collections for sale. I will advocate for reusability wherever I can.”

You can contact Sandra by phone, email, or on Instagram. Her number is 07398587877. Her email is [email protected].

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Fancy a free splash?

Source: Facebook

Selected pools in the East End of Glasgow are offering free swimming sessions this summer. It’s a perfect opportunity for families to spend time together and save some cash. All the information is available on the above poster.

A Trip to Necropolis is Well Overdue

Source: Joan, a friend of our newsletter

I’m sorry, I just couldn’t stop myself from writing this headline.

The ancient Lady Well is situated within the Glasgow Necropolis. Its location is also close to the Tennent’s Brewery, but don’t expect to fill up your pint glass there. The well is believed to be older than the city of Glasgow itself, and is often associated with Romans, who might have used it to refresh themselves a long time before cornettos, fruit pastilles, and Highland Spring water were available for everyone to get from a local Co-op.

The well was capped for sanitary reasons at the beginning of the 20th century, so if you go - don’t expect any water to appear. It’s drier than a McDonalds cheeseburger that’s been left out for an hour.

Jokes aside, the well is an important landmark within the Necropolis, and is definitely worth checking out this summer. Let’s appreciate the little historical gems our city has to offer. Not to mention that the Necropolis (which literally means “city of the dead”) is a stunning location for a summer walk.

The song of the issue is Home by Rianne Downey

This simple yet cutting tune from Glasgow singer-songwriter Rianne Downey has been on my mind ever since I first heard it a couple of weeks ago. I’m sure many people (including myself) can resonate with the song’s lyrics. It doesn’t matter if you moved countries, counties, cities or neighbourhoods - the feeling is always there… Rianne’s strong vocal and honest delivery make this track one of my favourite songs I’ve discovered recently.

That’s it for today, folks! Whatever your plans are for the weekend, I hope you have a great time. See you in two weeks’ time.

All the best,