Tom's Glasgow Mag #8

Summer is almost gone

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Opening Remarks

Hello and welcome! I hope you’re doing great.

Summer is almost gone. I’ve recently started running in the evenings. I run for as long as I can, and when I begin to feel like my lungs are about to explode, I switch to walking. I don’t live anywhere near a big, proper park that could facilitate a long run so I walk around my neighbourhood. I often find myself having to walk around the same little bit to finish my target of steps. My wannabe-runs take place after 10 PM and I’m always the only person on the streets. As I walk around pretty much the same lit-up houses time after time, I ask myself: Can these people see me? Do they think I’m mad?

Anyway, enough of my workout diaries. I have some lovely content for you today.

Happy reading!


Witness the Swan Drama in Alexandra Park

Source: Wildlife of Alexandra Park Facebook group

The Wildlife of Alexandra Park group came together during lockdown. As I binged on reality TV with my newly shaved head, they got into swans. In all fairness, the beginning of the decade was a wonderful time to appreciate nature, as our pollution levels dropped significantly during our self-isolation period. According to a GPS-based study, wild animals ventured farther and felt more relaxed when we didn’t disturb them. I’m sure that included our local wildlife.

Elaine and Helen established the group, and were joined by Irene shortly after. The creation of their Facebook group followed next. They love snapping pictures of swans, ducks, fish and other inhabitants of the gorgeous park.

The group organises litter picks on a regular basis, usually once a month. “Come along,” Elaine told me. “Help the community and meet new people. It’s good fun and we hardly ever bite.”

Source: Wildlife of Alexandra Park Facebook group

In September, the group will be putting up bat boxes in the park. They will meet at 12 o’clock on the 16th of September, so feel free to put it down in your calendar and touch base beforehand. They’re all really lovely! Last year, they hosted fundraisers, as well as some wee events for the kids, such as a teddy bear picnic and a treasure hunt. Let’s hope the weather gets better so they can do that again soon.

The group connects people of all ages and is a wonderful opportunity to engage in community activities. Let’s not forget how beneficial the natural world can be to our general well-being. To visit their Facebook group, CLICK HERE.

Always Stay Safe Out There

We should all feel safe on our streets… Sometimes we second-guess ourselves or deny ourselves experiences because we’re not sure whether it’s safe to do something, especially late at night.

Strut Safe is a free, non-judgemental and volunteer-operated support line. They stay on the phone with you until you reach your destination. It doesn’t matter where you are going or where you come from. They are kind, reassuring, and stand in solidarity with marginalised people. Their phone number is 0333 335 0026. Please forward to your friends who might be interested.

Support a New Small Business in Dennistoun - Cabin Cafe+

Source: Cabin Cafe+

When a place in Dennistoun went up for sale, Rhiannon decided to get it. After working in food-based environments for years, she wanted to have her own cafe. Now, she’s the owner of Cabin Cafe+ located on 12-14 Millerton Street, just a stone’s throw away from Duke Street.

Rhiannon put her own spin on what was the old cafe. She redecorated the place and bought new appliances. Her friend Rachel runs the cafe’s social media, posting lots of lovely content on Facebook and Instagram.

Source: Rachel

“Our most popular dish is anything salt and chilli,” said Rhiannon when I asked her about her bestsellers. “My personal favourite is salt and chilli hash browns! Spicy Chicken Burgers also sell very well. They are served with chips and a can for just £5.49.”

Cabin Cafe+ also offer homemade buffets for all sorts of occasions. It’s important to mention their Kids Eat Free Menu, which is aimed at kids under 12, and can be utilised by anyone - no questions asked.

Next time you’re in Dennistoun and peckish - remember about Cabin Cafe+. Let’s support our local businesses. Click HERE to visit their Facebook page.

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The song of the issue is Night Ride Home by Joni Mitchell

The sound of chirping crickets is the first thing we hear when we listen to this 1991 song by Joni Mitchell. It definitely creates a wonderful atmosphere. Written about the fireworks she enjoyed on the 4th of July with her then-husband, and a starry night that accompanied them, it remains one of my favourite summer songs.

That’s it for today, folks! See you in two weeks’ time.

All the best,